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This is a platform where educators, teachers, students, parents, grandparents are all welcomed here to share views on how we can build our education systems, thereby encouraging our students to stay and study in the continent.



Let's change the narrative, by showcasing our talents, we are calling on inventors, writers, designers, chefs; whatever you are brilliant at, we want to show off your excellence to the world.



We are a unique people, recognisable and scattered in large numbers across the world, presenting a unique opportunity. Imagine if universities in Africa partnered with Historic Black Colleges and Universities in the USA, and with universities in the Caribbean; a true coming together for educational excellence, sharing ideas and tutoring the next generation.



Tuition fees and accomodation costs paid by students, contribute to the development of the university, it's town and its country. Each country in the continent is losing hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of dollars to the other countries where our students go to study. Imagine if those funds were invested in our own universities, countries and towns. It is time! 



NaYahSo, is a Krio word from Sierra Leone meaning "Right here", putting Yah in the center. Upon the abolishion of slavery, the Krio were among our people who returned to Sierra Leone around 1820. The embrace between the continent and the diaspora is a very beautiful thing, one we can leverage to promote educational excellence for all our people.

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Excellence begins at home, Africa is rising. If you would like to be part of a discussion forum on education or you have invented something great, please inquire via email


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